The Forest I Entered

Rustling leaves, chalked on top of tall stalks

Bunches of Plantation hanging along the path that I walk

This is the path in the bush, the forest I entered

A light serenity different from the dangers they mentioned

Sure enough a fast shadow darts across my path

I look; not a robber or kidnapper but merely a rat

Trek trek trek I move along the path

Winding and twisting like a woman’s braids on a map

The forest is moist still dripping from the rain

Small lakes, fresh mud; there is no type of drain

I hop across puddles like a nimble skipping stone

I feeeeel the rhythm of the forest deep in my bones

In the distance a man on a bike with palm fruit in his basket

Compared to his smooth glide, I was making a racket

As he slowly bends off the path I now see 2 girls

I jog up to them and say hello and their eyebrows curl

You’re not from this place one says

“Why not welcome” I thought instead

I introduce my self and say some words they understand

The conversation turns pleasant; no longer interrogative demands

Gentle conversationĀ ends with an optimistic gaze

Giggling, warm smiles eventually part ways

I now see a small empty structure with four spaced pillars

Filled with vegetation, secluded like an outpost but no one to fill her

Admiring the site a man approaches behind me

We become fast friends, and I follow him blindly

He invites me to tour his Plantation and his small pineapple garden

He gives me one to take as a gift and I think wow what a bargain

I wave goodbye and I’m back on the road

I continue reflecting about the bush and all the scary stories we are told

Deep in thought I notice an opening, and forward I surge

From the forest I entered I finally emerge


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