Philosophy was my humanities concentration at MIT. This was my most important area of study in crafting my thesis for my life. When you look throughout history, getting to the chair of power and influence as the people’s champion still has a way of corrupting even those with the purest intentions. Corrupting in the sense that, in your effort to liberate or empower a group of people, you end up harming another.

As the great modern philosopher JCole says, “What good is taking over when we know what you gon’ do, the only real revolution happens right inside of you”.

As human beings, when we learn to love, we will also come to know pain when that love is threatened or harmed. From pain and a desire to protect precious people, we see revenge and hate manifest. We feel our revenge is justice but “that same justice only breeds more revenge and thus, forging the first link in the chain of hatred”.

The key to breaking the cycle of hate, is love and understanding.

Among my fundamental values is that the pursuit of understanding, empathy, and seeking diverse perspectives as I grow.

In my lifetime, I believe the cycle of hate and corruption will be broken, to achieve peace. “if there is such a thing as peace, I will seize it”.

I believe love and understanding will win long-term.